Automobile Industry

For more than 100 years, vehicles have caught the hearts and spirits of a huge number of individuals around the world. The car business is worldwide, wildly aggressive, credit-touchy, and ecologically huge. What’s more, presently, the industry is reevaluating the very thought of what a vehicle is and how it may be utilized.

As industry examines what “mobility” in the 21st centure means, the horizon is marked with a new era of innovation and revolutionary change. The car industry must continue to meet today’s consumers ‘ demands, plan strategies, design and deploy new vehicles and services as well as improve the marketing efficiency while reinventing itself.
PDIt’s Automotive Project Manager can help the automobile business by conveying inventive research plans, logical reasoning, progressed examination and demonstrating, inside and out discoveries and bits of knowledge, and vital suggestions to OEMs
Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 frameworks and part providers; car vendors; reseller’s exchange providers; and car budgetary administrations.

Our automotive research services include:


o Customer satisfaction surveys
o Customer loyalty surveys
o Best practice surveys
o Expectation surveys
o Parts distribution surveys
o Mystery Shopping – Product Knowledge Tests
o Dealer staff behaviour surveys
o Lost sales analysis surveys
o Dealer satisfaction measures
o Dealer relationship surveys
o Syndicated dealer relationship surveys
o After sales defection surveys
o Part exchange surveys
o Complaints management surveys
o Product quality surveys
o Insurance and financial services surveys
o Fleet management surveys
o Call centre surveys

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