Healthare Industry

They are increasingly being kept informed about Internet treatments and are increasingly influencing the prescription conduct of physicians. The role and weight of physicians, pharmacists and caregivers on the’ patients ‘ journey, can be described by patients at the heart of decisions. Patients can also influence payers if they are organized through patient organizations. This probably explains why our customers often require patients to be involved in market research. How can I best recruit and interview patients, however?

Patient recruitment:

Patients may be recruited in many respects. The doctors, retail pharmacists, or patient organizations are able to recruit them indirectly. They can also be directly hired (where accessible) through panels or internet community. Indirect recruitment by doctor ensures the correct medical check criteria for their disease, symptoms and co-morbidity are fulfilled in the recruited patients. Pharmacist recruitment allows the recruitment of patients who receive a particular Rx or OTC drug. Direct panel recruitment provides quick access to the most prevalent chronic diseases. Direct internet recruitment also provides access to the less frequent chronic diseases of deeply involved patients.

Patient interviewing:

Patients who have a thorough, individual or focus groups interview can provide valuable insight in addition to the idea of the medical professionals. The use of project interviewing techniques generates more output depth and often different answers than direct questioning. While the comparison between the experience and convictions of the medical professionals and those of the patients is the principal objective, reflecting and analyzing the extent to which patients and medical professionals differ. The standard mirror questioning approach is to ask the same issues during separate interviews, but in addition to separate interviews, mixed groups, including patients and health care professionals, may also be considered

quantitative data is necessary, data can be straight gathered online, by telephone or at home. However, the medical doctor or retail pharmacists can also collect a brief questionnaire indirectly.

In understanding the unique challenges of healthcare research, we have a team of experienced professionals devoted to managing your healthcare projects to ensure that the quality data on which your research relies is received.

Innovative products and services covering biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmacopoeia and other medicines are steadily flowing in the health and pharmaceutical industries. In market studies in these sectors, views need to be gathered from individuals–such as healthcare practitioners, patients and competitors–who are truly important to comprehend evolving trends and achieve a competitive benefit.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Divison .
This is one of the most essential PDI practices. We continue to create timely and strategic market intelligence in the fields of oncology, drug delivery, biotechnology, ophthalmic and chronic diseases.

We have a committed project team that understands and enables our clients to save time on long briefings and treatment training through the pharma-and biotech product lifecycles and business processes.

Healthcare IT & Medical Technology

We believe that Heathcare IT and Medical technology research is one of the rapidly growing market research area. To be a part of the growth story, PDI already has, and is fast developing capabilities in this niche field. To showcase our present prowess, PDI has already executed  projects in this field, of which, two of the most pretigious studies have been elucidated below :-Project Name: Healthcare Informatics Worldwide.The five focus area of this study is as follows & the HOD from the respective departments were contacted.

Medical Devices

So far we have completed 150 ventures on Medical Devices. The therapeutic gadget studies are done in different specialities like Cardiovascular Devices, Orthopedic Devices, Home Care, Surgical and Infection Control Products, General Medical Devices, Hospital Supplies and Products, and Wound Care/Management Products showcase segments to grow opportune, critical market insight for your business.

Hospital Research

Provide you with the best global understanding of hospitals. PDI has five years ‘ experience of working in the hospital world. We carried out some of the most significant Hospital census studies in Asia. In PDI team, there were numerous senior project managers with special skills: doctors (specialists, including former clinics) and PCPs. We have carried out over 400 projects in hospital on a national and global stage (Examples of Anesthetic treatment, dialysis, infectious diseases, intensive care, oncology, pain management, surgery, thromboses and transplants).

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