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Being a pioneer in online research, we offer a wide range of research techniques, designed for the internet.



Online solutions for the Marketing research

Grab the opportunity to use our solutions & services in Managing Projects. Manage all kinds of Marketing Research Projects and know how to alleviate you from the hell of manual work and slow progress.


Survey Programming


Data Processing


Panel Management

Survey Programming

Tools used

  • HTMLS 

Value Proposition 

  • Highly experienced teams of Trackers/Multi-country projects
  • Focus on quality and Concept testing
  • Ability to deliver at highly Mobile Survey Optimization for iPhone, Android and tablets
  • Average experience of Programmers – 5 years 

Experience and expertise

  • Scripting – Trackers, diary studies, omnibus and ad-hoc, multi country and multi-mode
  • Functionalities – Conjoint, Max-diff, choice-based models, high complexity customization, advance quotas, multi-part segmentations, speed trap
  • Third party implementation – embedded third party tools, developed in HTML5, image optimizer, sliders, highlighters, other customer tools etc.
  • Reporting – Solutions include custom tables, Google charts, dynamic base, charts, recording, Drill Down, hit-list, banner, segments, parameter navigator, significance, etc.

Service offering

  • Online/Web-based programming
  • Max diff/conjoint analysis
  • Diary studies
  • Flowchart programming
  • Trackers/Multi-country projects
  • Multi-mode projects
  • Algorithm
  • Ad-testing
  • Concept testing
  • Costumer satisfaction survey
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Mobile Survey Optimization for iPhone, Android and tablets
  • Customized form/questions
  • Survey – Web and Mobile
  • Survey Branding
  • CATI CAPI Programming

Data Processing

Tools Used

  • Quantum
  • SPSS
  • Excel VBS MARCO

Value Proposition

  • Team with experience of programming with expertise across all platforms.
  • Specific expertise across Data cleaning, Data Recording Tabbling.
  • Extensive Experience around Ad-hoc and Tracking studies
  • Able to develop code frames and coding and quantitative and qualitative projects
  • Average experience of Programmers- 5 years

Experience and Expertise

  • Data Cleaning/Validations- Data integrity checks including removing data Redundancy, identifying and fixing data inconsistently
  • Tabulations-creations of tables using data from ASCII, Excel, SPSS or any other Custom format, weighing and graphical presentation of tables
  • Charting- Customised reports as per client templets for trackers studies
  • Quality Assurance- Check Logic and other specifications including data consistency

Service Offerings

  • Data Analytics including
  • Data Integrity Checks and validation
  • Tabulations (Cross tabs across multiple banners weighing (RIM/Target)
  • Column SIG Testing/ROW SIG testing/Regression/Co-relate Analysis
  • Netted reporting for verbatim coding
  • Top Box/T2 Box/B2 Box/Mean Reporting
  • Charting and Reporting
  • Verbatim and Brand Response coding

Panel Managment

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