International marketing research plays an important role to understand the consumer behavior. The main objective of international marketing research is to understand the consumers demands and consumers behavior and then translates their behaviors into the markets strategies. In this modern century the international markets consumers have lots of choices due to growth of market research and internet communication development. In order to organization has been responsible to maintain their approaches to enhance the markets strategies in a way of targets markets.

Challenges of Project Management in international marketing Research.

A lot of challenges arise while conducting market research across international borders and if these Challenges are not addressed properly so these impact negatively on project management. These factors can major impact on traditional market research for instances vary cultural norms across different countries or continents, similarly language barriers also have impact on the data collection into the organizations to gain the benefits.

Cultural Differences

Operate market research is an international environment requires concentration to obtain details and learning new things. In managerial point of views this includes more infinite knowledge of native cultures. Cultural components for instance, social institutions, gender role, language, religion, aesthetics, education, and time orientations are closely related to national culture. Cultural differences intensely affect on acceptance of products and services, in the other hand market behaviour. The knowledge of target markets plays a critical role in manipulation of research. Market research professionalises require certain level of educational and technical skills. These skills are very demanding to operate the international marketing research strategies.

Language differences.

As market research is being carried out internationally researchers have to take language and culture consideration while designing their questionnaires. Language is the most important factors which brings challenges in carrying out international research. Many organizations have command over English language, but that does not mean that everyone can understand English. Situations can become more complicated when there variations within the same language for instance, Americans and British have some variations in the way of speak English.

Translation and conversion.

The most common problem that researchers face is translating their questionnaire developed for one country can be difficult to translate into another language because of differences in idioms, concepts, syntax, Venezuelans. IN international marketing research, accurate information takes an essential part to maintain their targets. So sometime market researchers send back the questionnaires translated in to proper translations. In this process questionnaires translated one language to another language to interpret the important information about international marketing research.

Traditional and Cultural norms

After language the most important factor is cultural norms in the international marketing researchers. These norms are very prominent strengths and can easily identify the difference between the successful and failure production establishment. Unfortunately these norms are very dedicated rather than transparent which make very difficult to analysis the international market. Consider here the case of U.S Ketchup Company that, after knowing that the ketchup is not available in Japan, so they decided to attempt the market for introduce the ketchup over there. Rather than they should be focus on it why is the ketchup is not available in Japan, here they ignore the investigation through international market research and invested the huge amount for launch their product establishment. After this the company of U.S become to know that soy sauce preferred in Japan. .So the ignorance the importance of cultural norms has become a cause of certain problems in international marketing research.

Period and Time Zone

Time zone should be kept in minds while conducting market research. Differences in time zone have a huge impact on communication and timings of the project. Extra time is required for project and communications to take place across the world. Time of days also matter in countries like Japan where business is only done in business hours.

International holidays

Foreign holidays another factor like time zone that has to be kept in mind, as different countries have different holidays depending on their culture, religion, and their beliefs. It is important to check holidays schedule before starting research in another country .Nearby every Monday is holiday somewhere in the world.

Questionnaire time-span

Different language can shorten and lengthen the amount of time it takes to get through a questionnaire, for instance translated into Italian, a 20 minutes American questionnaire will last only approximately 18 minutes. Translated into French, the same questionnaire will take 22 minutes. The difference between in durations is attributable to the subtle nuances of both languages.

Global footprint

The multilingual and multi-cultural questions in multi-country market research should also be considered. PDI has established a responsive network worldwide that is cost-effective.

We believe that international market research can go beyond the level of responsiveness and effectiveness you would expect from a domestic project. PDI  has developed the capability to conduct effectively and rapidly your multi-country research in Europe, US, BRICS and the rest of the world.

PDI offers its experience of global markets to screen development and gainfulness of your Projects around the world.

We serve our clients globally.

The geographic scope of PDI  assignments covers more than 70 countries: European Union and Russia, Morocco and North Africa/Middle-East, the United States and Canada, South America (Brazil, Argentina, …), Asia-Pacific (India, China, Japan, …).

PDI Project Managers have driven broad work on European, American, Gulf ,Russian and Asia over every one of the 18 Industries divisions.

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As a marketing Research & Consulting agency, you probably want to focus on what you do best: Insights. The clients, on the other hand, tend to demand deep insights for their business that include not only the Data but detail market strategy and way to implement, too. We know how to help you do it. Let’s partner and help each other grow!
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A white-label approach is not our cup of tea. We’d like to share our Project Management expertise with marketing agencies that are mature to present us to their clients as your data collection partner. Everyone gets more new business – that’s what partnership is meant to be.

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