In examination with different Industries, for example, autos, PCs, and carriers, FMCG business has an unfaltering rate of development, for it doesn’t experience the ill effects of immense retreat and cutbacks each time the economy begins to plunge. In FMCG business total benefit made on the items is moderately little. Since they buy and massive sell in huge numbers, the overall interest in such things can be enormous.

The main dangers to this solid development direction remain the high segment of chaotic exchange, the restricted appropriation system of new participants and the weight on overall revenues because of expanding rivalry

Our Experience
• We provide a solid basis for exploring market possibilities within certain customer sections. We analyze the sector in detail including main trends in development, statistical information, forecasts, competitive climate, including market share. We are an expert in consumer product studies and cover consumer goods such as soap, detergents, powder, milk, food and beverage products, apparel, clothes, clothes, cosmetics, products for skin care and much more.
• Study of opportunity for FMCG products in rural areas of Vietnam
• Customer Satisfaction Study on international footwear brand
• Study on soap segment in Asia Pacific Region
• Sportswear tracking study
• Consumer study on Basmati rice
• Product Testing- Ice cream, Soaps, Shampoo
• Market research on European FMCG market
• Competitive scenario in Indian tooth paste segment

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