Jack of all trades, master of none – who needs that?

As a marketing Research & Consulting agency, you probably want to focus on what you do best: Insights. The clients, on the other hand, tend to demand deep insights for their business that include not only the Data but detail market strategy and way to implement, too. We know how to help you do it. Let’s partner and help each other grow!
In every aspects……

What We Do

We are rather Field & Tab guys, but we are no stranger to all things beautiful. Because we love to do everything in Marketing research & Consulting for our clients.
During more than 10 years in the industry, we’ve been working with creative and marketing agencies that want to provide extra value to their clients and deliver A to Z services. There’s always an opportunity for clients to hire any agencies or a squad of freelancers, but we believe that the true quality is possible when the expertise & dedication goes together with the streamlined processes: you get a comfortable collaboration and a predictable result.
A white-label approach is not our cup of tea. We’d like to share our Project Management expertise with marketing agencies that are mature to present us to their clients as your data collection partner. Everyone gets more new business – that’s what partnership is meant to be.

How we work with agencies

We propose that we work on a time and material basis before things get serious. You will be able to see the quality of our work, learn more from our team and learn more about our work.
We’re delighted to offer a dedicated team if you have a steady schedule of projects. It is cheaper than the strategy to time and materials, and it is also much simpler to work with the same team that is aware of your work norms.
In addition, we can involve our project manager at the very early stage of a project. This way we will make sure that the given projects will be deliver in given timeline with extraordinary insight, which will delight your client in every aspects.

Let’s Talk !


Our contact subtleties are as per the following or you may like to round out the structure underneath.

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