The differences between qualitative

and quantitative research

What is qualitative research?
The qualitative market study offers a thorough analysis of people’s emotions and beliefs. It is a method to accurately look at, rather than frequency, the nature or structure of attitudes and motivations. In essence, a qualitative study determines why individuals are feeling how they are dealing with specific problems and how they affect their behaviour. This category covers focus groups, extensive interviews and usability tests.

Focus Groups
Synchronous Online Focus Groups
Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards
In-Depth Interviews
Usability Testing

What is quantitative research?
Quantitative market research serves to determine and predict a group’s attitudes, opinions, and conduct based on scientific sampling. Basically, the group’s responses can be summed up to statistically predictable data. This category includes telephone surveys, e-mail surveys, online surveys and at times in-person interviews.

Telephone Surveys
Online Surveys
Mail Surveys
Intercept Interviews

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