In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are also called IDIs or one-on – one interviews. They are a kind of qualitative studies that is used to reveal respondents ‘ convictions, attitudes and motivations. A thorough interview with the respondent who answers moderator’s questions traditionally, takes place in person or over the telephone.
The interviews last 60 to 90 minutes each, depending on the topic and context. Profound interviews can be conducted everywhere–at job, at home, at the government space, focus vision enable facility or by telephone.
Although IDIs are intended to concentrate on the problems being investigated, the real interviews are rather flexible in that participants can direct the debate to important fields or thoughts that the researcher did not consider initially. It is essential in these circumstances that the interviewer understands the requirements of the client deeply when to pursue an off-topic remark.

It is essential that participants be handled with respect throughout the study phase in detailed interviews. The interview must also be arranged at a convenient moment and location for the participant.

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