Intercept Interviews

Intercept research is a frequently used way of collecting marketing information. Intercepting research, also known as shop intercepts, is intended to perform onsite surveys of customers while interacting with the company of the customer. Trained interviewees are placed in or close to the study sponsor. The interviewer then chooses employers who enter or leave the company to administer a brief screener to see whether the participant is entitled to the study. The survey is carried out if they qualify.
Another way to collect consumer feedback is through Mall intercepts. However, they do not always take place for a particular company in the mall, but offer the chance to examine customers on a variety of subjects.

All quotas are rapidly encountered in this sort of research, because many many people approached by the interviewer will qualify for the survey.. One disadvantage of Intercepts is that owners and managing firms often have to agree to conduct a research on site. This approval method may contribute to the completion of a research and the application is often refused.

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