Synchronous online

focus groups

Synchronous internet focus groups are a qualitative study instrument for collecting data on the Internet from people. Qualitative study enables a thorough exploration of the emotions and convictions of people. Unlike traditional focus groups, however, internet groups give the benefit of bringing together respondents irrespective of place. You are desirable to deal with respondents that are hard to hire and can be performed straight from the office or computer of a participant.
The online process
Synchronous internet focus groups use a safe website to discuss this in a concentrated way. In general, 8 individuals are encouraged to take part in the conversation led by a moderator. Just like a chat-room environment, the group receives questions and participants are encouraged to react both to each other and to the moderator. In order to view visual stimuli (e.g. storyboards, websites and comercials), online focus group facilities are established.
Synchronous online focus groups typically last for 90 minutes. Client can view the whole discussion from anywhere. Once logged in, you can communicate and send the moderator private notes. An on-line group benefit from the automatic creation and download of a transcript of the discussion immediately after the discussion is over. The moderator can then hold an online briefing with its clients to examine the important results from the group discussion.

When is a synchronous online focus group right for me?
Synchronous online focus groups should be regarded where the target market uses the Internet or where respondents want anonymity.. This encourages even shy people to be open and to share honest views on delicate subjects or products. Only if research is not seriously compromised because participants ‘ reactions and non-verbal clues can not be observed, should this methodology be regarded.
Discover asynchronous online discussion boards
An additional choice for internet qualitative research is asynchronous online discussion boards. The debate takes place online but asynchronous internet conversations take place over several days with respondents to express their ideas at their convenience instead of a particular block of time with each participant engaging concurrently.
How does an asynchronous online discussion work?
Questions are posed on a safe website during an asynchronous internet debate and participants answer each day the questions asked. The moderator logs in all day to see how it works and to put some questions to clarify. Depending on the depth of the subject being discussed, an asynchronous internet debate can take 3 to 5 days or several weeks.
Online discussions with respondents who find it hard to plan a group debate for two successive hours, asynchronous online discussion are desirable. The study encourages participants to participate at their free time in the discussion.
Sensitive or thought-provoking issues are also discussed by on-line discussion boards. The respondents have a feeling of anonymity and are not in a hurry to answer. The answers can not only include respondent response but also the reasons why they replied a specificaly.
Similarly, as with any type of online research, this procedure disposes of geographic hindrances, permitting individuals from all over the world to take an interest together in a group discussion.
What are the differences between synchronous online focus groups and asynchronous online discussions?
Synchronous Online Focus Groups
• Occur within a 2 hour time frame
• All participants are logged in at the same time
• Move quickly – great for when you are looking for immediate top of mind responses
• Feedback from 8-10 respondents
• Responses are short and brief
Asynchronous Online Discussion Boards
• Run over 3-5 days or longer
• Participants log in several times per day, at their convenience
• Slower paced – allow responses to be carefully thought out
• Feedback from 12-15 participants
• Responses are detailed and answer the entire question

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