Secondry Research

PDI can collect and distill available data to deliver what you need to know before launching your next initiative. Trends watching, social media monitoring, communications audits, indepth topic and subject matter research can provide extremely useful information We have special focus on gaining a broad understanding of key global trends that will shape preferences in consumer products.

Secondary research consists of existing research that is publicly available.
Consultancy or research firms may have published industry data or surveys that can help your market analysis without necessarily answering your specific questions.
Despite the restrictions, secondary research can be very useful for an overview of the industry. Particularly useful is the scale of respondents often involved in such research, which may be out of reach of most brands. Bringing in this type of research will give your primary research findings context.

Understanding the market in this way should allow you to identify areas to improve upon, weaknesses in your competitors, and knowledge about your customers and prospects that will improve your marketing.

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